An Investment Package to suit your exact needs...

Whether you are experiencing expediential growth or want to reduce overheads without compromising on hygiene standards, at HC Innovations we will tailor an Investment Package to suit your exact needs. Blue-chip companies lean heavily on HCI’s Investment Grants in areas such as Stocking, R&D and Logistics so a seamless growth transition is established to ensure optimal hygiene standards and unparalleled continuity of supply to their clients.

  • Do you often run out of stock but lack space and funds to stock correct volumes?
  • Challenges arise with systems and products that you cannot seem to rectify inhouse?
  • Your team is struggling to keep up with product and work demand due to growth or downsize?

Our dedicated team of Hygiene & Production Consultants can help you begin the journey of making positive changes in your department today.

Find out more about our PCIP, BTBS and R&D Investment Programs by getting in touch and having a bespoke analysis and package created.

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