Our Web Development Team are continually making improvements to our Clients’ GoldLink® Online Portal with a goal of making our ordering process as fast and seamless as possible. With this in mind we are now introducing the new 'Your Top Products' Tab that can be set up with your own products and brings you straight to your product list where you can easy build your order. This makes ordering as easy as 2 clicks to add your desired product to each order.

Our new 'Your Top Products' Tab is just one of many new developments we are working on to make our Clients ordering experience easier and we are excited to share each of the new improvements with you as the Clients’ GoldLink® Online Portal continues to grow. We look forward to our Clients’ feedback on all of these developments and welcome any ideas you may have that could make your ordering experience even better.

Be sure to keep an eye on your Clients’ GoldLink® Online Portal for further updates and feel free to send us your ideas using one of the links below:

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