Support the healthcare industry with Vinco®-CLWipes from HC Innovations

Patient care needs to be held to the highest standards in healthcare, and offering exceptional care services should be supported by great cleaning products.

HC Innovations have been at the forefront of the cleaning and hygiene industry for over 30 years, and we understand the products that the healthcare sectors need.

That’s why the team at HC Innovations are excited to supply our distributors and end-users with our brand-new cleansing wipe range: Vinco®-CLWipes.

Why is a good body wipe brand so important for the healthcare industry?

Patient hygiene is a core nursing responsibility, and having the best products available will make cleanliness tasks more efficient and effective.

Patient and resident hygiene isn’t solely focused on preventing HCAIs and reducing the risk of cross-contamination; quality patient-centred care is closely linked to recovery and health outcomes.

For some patients, a bed bath is sometimes the only bathing option, and body wipes have become a fundamental part of the bathing process in hospitals and care homes. Good infection control practice dictates using disposable dry wipes and a bowl of water (changed regularly) or the use of moist impregnated wipes that are disposed of immediately after use.

Encouraging and facilitating hand hygiene is also a key part of cleanliness for staff and patients (especially since the COVID-19 pandemic began), and packaged moist wipes are an accessible and easy way to reduce the spread of germs.

For every environment, from ICUs to residential homes, the Vinco®-CLWipe offers a hygiene solution that is simple, soothing and safe — three fundamental benefits that support both staff and patients.

Why Vinco®-CLWipes?

The availability of Vinco®-CLWipes in healthcare settings can help nurses and carers meet challenging new cleanliness standards and the Matron's Charter.

Additionally, theVinco®-CLWipe range is kind to the skin and soothes during and after the cleansing process for the highest quality of patient satisfaction and care.

What wipes are included in the Vinco®-CLWipes range?

Vinco®-CLWipe Dry Wipes

  • Extremely absorbent
  • Remains strong when wet
  • White wipes
  • Thick material
  • Available in a handy pouch (50 wipes)
  • Available in two 100% recyclable canister sizes (50 and 100)
  • Made from 100% Viscose FSE approved
  • Biodegradable in soil
  • Biodegradable in seawater
  • 100% cellulosic materials and is 100% plastic-free

Vinco®-CLWipe Cleansing Wipes (Wet)

  • Available in tubs of 100 & 200 and tubs of 500 wipes
  • White wipes
  • Thick material
  • The canister and lid are 100% recyclable
  • Made from soft polypropylene that is a 100% recyclable

Vinco®-CLWipes: designed to support healthcare

Vinco®-CLWipes have been developed specifically to meet the needs of the healthcare industry by a team that understands patient and staff requirements and expectations.

The Vinco®-CLWipe range is now available to purchase, and when you order we will despatch your Vinco® wipes within 72 hours so key opportunities aren’t missed. Samples are available upon request.

Request an online meeting or call our team today on 01738 629839 for more information.

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