Well it is here... and kids love them...

The Nursery Wipe by Vinco® designed and manufactured to be used by young children in nursery schools and schools. They are Anti-Bac and Anti-Viral Cleaning & Sanitising Wet Wipes.

Ok then so here goes....

1. Why should children use them?

Bright lid and label to to brighten up the boring but much needed need to clean and sanitise. They can be used on all hard surfaces and hands.

2. Who can use them?

Young Children, Students and Teachers

3. What is the Tub Size?

There is 200 Large Anti-Bac and Anti-Viral Cleaning & Sanitising Wet Wipes per tub. The slim tub is 100% recyclable and child safe with a "pop-up" spout for easy dispensing. Simply pop the top open and they are ready to use!

4. What's it made of?

100% Recyclable Polypropylene Wipes, Tubs, Lid and Label and formulated using a cleaning and sanitising agent that passes EN14476.

6. What British Standards does it pass?

BS EN16615 | EN1276 | EN1650 | active solution: EN14476

5. Can I get a Sample?

Yes you can! Get in touch for a sample tub now!

Request a sample tub now. CLICK HERE.

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