TUFFSCRUB Wipe By Vinco®

Its Tuffer than Tuff... Well thats what we came to... but we still called it the TuffScrub as it is a real Tuff one for those large Tuff jobs you sometimes just have to do!

Ok then so here goes....

1. What can it shift?

Well it will shift most things when you need them to shift... Including - Grime, grease, oils, paints, ink, adhesives and a lot of other things...

2. Who can use them?

Well builders and joiners love them for a start! but anyone can use them that's got a Tuff job on hand.... it says it on the label which gives you a good idea... Industrial, Building, Joinery, Automotive, Telecoms, Facilities.

3. Will they fit in my van door?

Of course they do! (or most van door pockets anyway - if not there's always plenty room in the back!)

4. What's it made of?

A very thick abrasive material that is rough, tuff and smooth all in one and better still it is dual purpose, having a rough, textured surface to one side and a smooth surface on the other. This gives improved removal of ingrained ink, dirt & grime. The liquid is a complex blend of non-petroleum solvents, coupling agents, skin emollients and synthetic esters, formulated to dissolve a variety of inks, paint, grease & other grime from both hands and machinery.

5. Can I get a Sample?

Yes you can! That question is still there isn't it... How Tuff is Tuff? You don't know 'til you try. Get in touch for a sample tub now!

Request a sample tub now. CLICK HERE.

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CP150 x3

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