Vinco® Back To School Wipes

Did you know we have a back to school wipe that is ideal for Schools, Universities and Colleges?

If your customers are looking for a wipe to quickly clean and sanitise any touch points around your facility we have our QAC and alcohol wipes which are strong, durable and ready to use.

The Vinco®-SanWipe range is designed to meet the high demands of the education sector and are ideal for cleaning and sanitising any surfaces including equipment, door handles, tables, chairs and banisters. This wipe is formulated to provide a broad spectrum activity against enveloped viruses, gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

Also in this range we have the Vinco®-70%Wipe which is a 70% alcohol (ethanol) wipe that is fantastic for sanitising hands and surfaces.

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Education Wipe eshot

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