The all New StationAll® - Bond adhesive shadow board system that has just joined the range to make your life even easier.

Save time and money with the StationAll® - Bond and make your factory audit ready in seconds. StationAll® - Bond material is made from laminate coated water repellent material and comes with a adhesive backing.

Simply clean down the surface you would like to apply the StationAll® - Bond to. Unroll the laminate, bond the top part of the laminate to the wall, get it level and peel the back of the laminate off ensuring that no air bubbles get trapped behind the laminate as you go. Now you just need to attach the hanger rail to the wall and line up the hooks and hangers with the shadows.

We have a complete range of shadow boards available for delivery UK wide with every short lead time.

Tell us what you want on yours and request a quote for yours now:

Tell us what you want on yours and request a quote now: CLICK HERE.

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