A shadow board is a device for organising a set of tools…

StationAll® - our range of custom shadow boards for tools and for cleaning equipment will improve segregation, allergen and speciation control in your food factory. Our 5S shadow boards will ensure greater efficiencies and help towards your lean processes.

‘A place for everything and everything in its place’

Not only are cleaning station shadow boards available but also tool boards, shadow boards for tools of any kind and PPE stations. These can be created completely bespoke or picked from our standard shadow board range. From shadow boards for brooms to shadow boards for electric tools, we are the UK’s leading, go-to company for any type of shadow board you require.

And the benefits of shadow boards? • StationAll® colour coded bespoke shadow boards and PPE Stations are essential for 5S and lean management delivering: • Work place standardisation with greater efficiencies • Maximise utensil life by reducing replacement costs • Ensure appropriate equipment is always available • Reinforce colour coding policies in every area • Raise departmental accountability and operating standards • Provide instant management and auditing overview

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