Barriers Systems

Description Quantity
FC175 Banana Cleaning Cone 60cm FC175
FC17590 Banana Cleaning Cone 90cm FC17590
FC176 Floor Cone 'CAUTION' Yellow FC176 FC176
Cone Caution Wet Floor Safety Cone Standard Size FC177 FC177
FC220 Floor Sign 'Wet Floor' Hinged FC220 FC220
9S11_closed Mobile Barrier FC320 FC320
FC220CLOSED Hanging Door Sign Twist Fit 'Closed for Cleaning' Yellow FC220CLOSED
FC220CLOSED Hanging Door Sign Spring Loaded Fit 'Closed for Cleaning' Yellow FC220CS
EM133 Tape Red/White Zebra 75mm x 500m 18 rolls EM130
EM133 Tape Black/Yellow Zebra 75mm x 500m 18 rolls EM133

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