The Only Washroom System you will Ever Need.

Description Quantity
Clea Hand Towel 2 Dynaspense® No Touch Hand Towel Dispenser Smoked Grey WM400
WM406 Hand Towel Roll Dynaspense® Roll Towel 192mx30cm 6 Rolls Blue WM406
WM405 2 Dynaspense® Roll Towel 192mx30cm 6 Rolls White WM405
06-105 Clea Dual Roll Toilet Roll Dispenser Plastic White 06-105 06-105
01-063 Toilet Roll Premium Smallcore 2ply 200m 12 Rolls 01-063 01-063
WM404 2 Dynaspense® - Foam Soap/Sanitiser Dispenser White WM404
WM404 4 Dynaspense® - Foam Soap/Sanitiser Automatic Dispenser Touch Free WM404A
WM407 Dynaspense® Anti-Bac Colourless and Odourless Foam Soap 6x1000ml WM407
1 Image coming soon Dynaspense® Blue Foam Soap 6x1000ml WM402
WM408 Dynaspense® Anti-Bac Foam Hand Sanitser 6x1000ml Alcohol Free WM408
Dynaspence Bulk Fill Dynaspense® - Bulk Fill Soap/Sanitiser Dispenser 1000ml WM414

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