Hand Towels

Description Quantity
231512 Hand Towels C-Fold 1ply Blue (2800) WM151
231502 Hand Towels C-Fold Green 1ply 2880 23x33cm WM150
WM153 Hand Towels C-Fold White 2ply 2400 23x33cm WM153 WM153
WM160 Hand Towels Z-Fold White 2ply 3000 22x24cm WM160 WM160
231512 Hand Towels C-Fold 1ply Blue (2800) WM151
02-045 Hand Towel V-FOLD White 2ply 3200 23x25cm 02-045 02-045
WM154 Hand Towels Z-Fold 1ply BLUE 3000 WM154 WM154
WM149 Hand Towels Z-Fold Blue 1ply 3600 22x24cm WM149 WM149
231502 Hand Towel Z-fold 1 ply Green 203x240 4000 WG149G WG149G

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