Hygiene Rolls

Description Quantity
WG113 Hygiene Rolls 10" White 2ply 50m 18 Rolls WG113 WG113
WG114 Hygiene Rolls 10" Blue 2ply 40m 18 Rolls WG114 WG114
WG123 Hygiene Rolls 10" Blue 3ply 18rolls WG123 WG123
WG115 Hygiene Rolls 20" White 2ply 50m 9 Rolls WG115 WG115
WG116 Hygiene Rolls 20" Blue 3ply 9rolls 40m WG116 WG116
WG13D Metal Dispenser for Hygiene Roll 10" WG13D WG13D
WM115D Metal Dispenser for Hygiene Roll 20" WG115D WG115D
WG15 Dispeners - Hygiene Rolls 20" Plastic WG15DP
WG15 Dispenser Hygiene Roll 10" Plastic WG15D

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