Toilet Rolls

Description Quantity
Toilet Rolls 2ply 200 Steet 36 Rolls WM100 WM100
WM102 Toilet Rolls White 2ply 320 Sheet 36rolls WM102 WM102
WM111 Toilet Rolls Micro Mini 2ply 125m 24 Rolls WM111 WM111
Toilet Rolls Coreless Mini 2 ply 900 Sheets 36 Rolls WM202 WM202
01-006 Toilet Roll Gold One 2ply (6 Rolls) 01-006 01-006
WM120 Toilet Rolls Matic White 2ply 100m 36rolls WM120 WM120
WM109 Toilet Tissue Bulk Pack White 2 Ply 250 Sheet 36 Packs WM109 WM109
WM107 Toilet Rolls Mini Jumbo 63mm Core 2ply 200m 12 Rolls WM107 WM107
WM108 Toilet Rolls Mini Jumbo 72mm Core 2ply 200m 12 Rolls WM108 WM108
WM027 Toilet Rolls Mini Jumbo 1ply 3" core White 400m (6 Rolls) WM027 WM027
WM105 Toilet Rolls Std. Jumbo 63mm Core 2ply 400m 6 Rolls WM105 WM105
WM106 Toilet Rolls Std. Jumbo 72mm Core 2ply 400m 6 Rolls WM106 WM106

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