Black, Clear and Coloured Sacks

Description Quantity
292022 Sacks Black Refuse 18x29x39 180gauge (200) CG202
292012 Sacks Black Refuse 18x29x39 140gauge (200) CG201
292052 Sacks Black Refuse 20x36x48 200gauge (100) CG205 CG205
CG206 Sacks Black Refuse 30x48x54 220gauge (100) CG206 CG206
CG430 Sack Medium Duty Sack 16x29x39 Black on a roll CG430 CG430
CG210 Sacks Black Refuse 24x34x39 (200) CG210 CG210
CG242 Sacks Black Refuse 30x48x54 140gauge (100) CG242 CG242
CG219 Sacks Black 18x29x39 130gauge (10 per rollx20) CG219
CG212 Sacks Black Rubble 22x32 550gauge (100) CG212
CG220 Sacks Black Refuse 18x29x39 290gauge (100) CG220
Black Sack Sacks Black Refuse 30x39x45 300gauge (100) CG240 CG240
Black Sack Black Household Waste Sacks 10rolls x 50sacks 300x560x635mm CG259
Black Sack Black Household Waste Sacks 10 rolls x 50 sacks 380x711x990mm CG257
CG275 E-Sack Black Light Duty Roll 29x34 100 Sacks (5kg) CG275
CG224 Sacks Clear Light Duty 18x29x39 (200) CG224
CG233 Sacks Clear 18x29x39 140gauge (200) CG233
CG208 Sacks Clear 18x29x39 180gauge (200) CG208
CG207 Sacks Clear 20x34x47 250gauge (100) CG207
Clear Sack Sacks Clear Refuse 20x34x47 160gauge (100) CG269
Clear Sack Sacks Compactor Clear 20x34x47 200gauge (100) CG255
Clear Sack Sacks Clear Household waste sacks 6 rollsx50 sacks 711x990mm CG260

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