StationAll® Systems

The complete Bespoke StationAll® Shadow Board, Sanitising Stands and Wash Stands range from HC Innovations. Our StationAll® System provides a dedicated home for small and mobile equipment such as cleaning utensils and hand tools. Whenever equipment is not in use, returning it to the shadow board means it can be instantly found next time. It is also protects from items getting damaged or lost. When equipment is not present, detailed shadows make it easy to instantly identify what is missing, increasing accountability and tracking of equipment. Where necessary, it helps streamline the replenishment process.

Improve segregation, allergen and speciation control in your factory with our StationAll® Range.

StationAll® colour coded bespoke shadow boards and PPE Stations are essential for 5S and lean management delivering:

• “A place for everything and everything in its place”

• Work place standardisation with greater efficiencies

• Maximise utensil life by reducing replacement costs

• Ensure appropriate equipment is always available

• Reinforce colour coding policies in every area

• Raise departmental accountability and operating standards

• Provide instant management and auditing overview

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