Customised Wipes

Is it Own Label or Private Label wipes you require… actually, what is the difference…?

The difference is whether it’s you or us who specifies the product make-up. Own Label, or White Label as it’s also known, we will put your label on the Vinco Specification of wipes we manufacturer. If its Private Label then we will use your specifications and formulas. In fact our Technical Team can work with you to create a product that’s unique for your company.

The Vinco brand is trusted and well known in the industry which has a huge impact on growing your sales quickly but there are times when you may also require a product to match existing product ranges you stock. Or perhaps you wish to increase your marketing presence within the industries you serve. If this is the case then we can help you; the same as we help several other world leading wipe brands globally who rely on us to provide a superior customised wipe product.

With over three decades of industry knowledge, coupled with manufacturing capabilities, providing you with wipes customised to your needs is no problem. Whether it be a label change on the Vinco Specification or a complete re-design of formulation, substate or packaging, we can support every step of the way to develop a product that works for your needs.

Let’s discuss your requirements to determine what can be achieved...

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