EQP® 300-2000 Wipes

This large EQP® is ideal for use in the food processing, education and facilities sector as it is a high capacity pouch. Ideal for use in high foot fall areas and where a lot of wipes are used. With being 100% waterproof pouch it is great for any area that needs to be washed down with water such as a food processing factory. It also ensures that you get a continuous wet wipe when in use as it is dispensed from the centre of the roll with a keep wet cap seal for resealing.

This large EQP® can hold anything from 300 wipes to 2000 wipes depending on the wipe material used and the size of the wipe. It can also be filled with any formulation of your chose from our Vinco range.

// Reduce Waste - EQP® is 86% Plastic Than a Standard Tub of Wipes

// Reduce Space - EQP® lay flat when empty taking up less space in bins and skips

// Cost In Use Savings - EQP® comes with a specially designed dispensing nozzle that dispenses one wipe at a time

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EQP® 300-2000 Wipes

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