Description Quantity
CG187 Scouring Pads Economy Green (10) CG187 CG187
CG187 Scouring Pads Super HEAVY DUTY Green (10) CG185HD CG185HD
CG187 Scouring Pads Heavy Duty Vileda Green (10) CG185VHD CG185VHD
826R Scouring Pads Standard Red (10) CG185R
826W Scouring Pads Standard White (10) CG185W
826Y Scouring Pads Standard Yellow (10) CG185Y
826B Scouring Pads Standard Blue (10) CG185B
CG186 Foam Backed Scourers (10) CG186 CG186
LP099 Zincote Galvanised Scourer (8) LP099 LP099
LP148 Galvanised Scourers 10 LP148 LP148
LP149 Scourers Copper 20 LP149 LP149
LP166 Scourers Stainless Steel XL 10 LP166 LP166
LP150 Brillo Pads 10 LP150 LP150
LP159 Soap Filled Pad 10 LP159 LP159
CG195 Magic Eraser Sponge 10 CG195 CG195
CG191 Floor Edging Pads 255x115mm WHITE CG191
CG191 Floor Edging Pads 255x115mm BLACK CG189
CG191 Floor Edging Pads 255x115mm BLUE CG190
CG188 Floor Edging Tool - Hand Held Blue CG188 CG188
CG217 Floor Edging Tool - To Take Long Handle CG217 CG217

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