Vinco-CLWipe Dry Body Wipes Bio 20x40cm TUB 50 Wipes CP172

Stock Code: CP172

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Vinco®-CLWipe Dry Wipes Canister 50 Large Wipes

Vinco®-CLWipe Cleansing Dry Wipes Hands, Face & Body

These thick, ready-to-use dry body wipes can be used for wet or dry applications as they are extremely absorbent and remain strong when wet. Making them perfect for personal skin cleansing and continence care.

Code: CP172

Wipes: 50

Colour: White

Material: Dry Thick

Wipe Size: 20x40cm

Ideal for:
✔ Face
✔ Hands
✔ Body

Canister & Lid – HDPE/PP 100% recyclable

Label – Paper - compliant to FDA175.105.

Dry Wipe Fabric – Made from 100% Viscose FSE approved. Biodegradable in soil with the fibres disintegrating completely in the right conditions within 4 months. The fibres are also fully biodegradable in seawater with a biodegradation pass of greater than 90% in 6 months.


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