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Plastic Free Wipes / Biodegradable Wipes

Multi-Use Biodegradable & Plant Based Plastic Free Wet Wipes For Cleaning, Disinfection & Decontamination

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial wet wipes for use on hands, hard surfaces and equipment.

Most conventional products have formulations that are based on actives such as PHMB, Amine, Triamine, Ethanol and Chlorine which can all aid antimicrobial resistance. Testing has also shown that these only provide limited efficacy and spectrum for disinfection where killed or injured organisms are still viable to potentially mutate to superbugs or transfer their resistance elsewhere.

Some of these actives can also be harmful to humans, animals and the environment as well as being corrosive to skin, surfaces and equipment. Using the Vinco®-ZeroWipe with the unique disinfection formula you can be sure that you can carry out safe cleaning, disinfection and decontamination, also knowing the ZeroWipe safeguards users from today's infection risks. Vinco®-ZeroWipe also prevents mutation and reduces antimicrobial resistance [AMR] and protects our antibiotics as well as human, animal & environmental health.

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