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Vinco®-SanWipe Cleaning & Sanitising Wipes | For Facilities | 500 White Wipes | CP147

This compact and handy sized cannister of wipes contains 500 optimum size (18x20cm) wipes. The wipe material is 100% polypropylene and white in colour. Not only is the wipe very durable and able to withstand rough surface wiping, it is also soft to touch making an excellent multi use wipe for both hands and surfaces.

The QAC based Anti-Bac and Anti-Viral active solution contained within the wipe ensures a kill rate of 99.99% making this one of the most effective sanitising wipes on the market. With a contact time of only 5 minutes against EN14476 standard, means users do not have long to wait before effective sanitisation is achieved. And yes, it has been tested and passes EN14476 standards confirming this wipe is effective again Coronavirus.

This popular wet wipe is manufactured from sustainably sourced materials and formulated to meet the high demands of the facilities sector. The facilities wipe comes in a specially designed, 100% recyclable slim dispenser tub with a "pop-up" spout for easy dispensing and complete tub reseal to prevent any drying out of the wipe after use. Simply pop the top open and they are ready to use!

The Facilities Big Wipe is a great all-round wipe able to perform in several environments including:

• Gyms – ideal for wiping down gym equipment from dumbbells to rowing machines.

• Airports – this is an environment with a high and constant footfall where seats, door handles, and handrails need constant wiping down.

• Workplaces – there are many areas that need sanitising here such as desks, canteen tables and keyboards each having the potential to harbour harmful bacteria and viruses.

• Facilities Management – these companies work in many different markets and this wipe has the exceptional ability to perform under most circumstances whether it’s in a train station or a supermarket.

• Industrial – now we get down to the heavy industry sector such as the engineering workshop and with this wipe having been tested to perform as a cleaning and sanitising wipe there is no exception to its effectiveness at cleaning away the grime prior to sanitising.

• Car Showrooms – does that dashboard need a wipe before customer inspection or the steering wheel a sanitise before handing the customers car back post service?

• Offices

For use on:

• Office Desks – works well on any sealed surface including laminate and sealed wood.

• Hands – the wipe has been dermatologically tested to ensure your hands are kept hygienic and moisturised.

• Equipment – have you thought of how much bacteria your photocopier touch screen must contain?

• Door Handles – yes one of the most touched contact points leading to the spreading of germs.

• Machinery – the build up of grime can be easily removed with this dual cleaning and sanitising wipe.

• IT Equipment – they say your keyboard harbours 20,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat!

This wipe is also available in three other sizes including the 100 sheet, 200 sheet and 1000 sheet tubs. Definitely a size here for your every requirement!

Can be refilled with CP166.



  • Large high capacity tub

  • Passes: EN16615 | EN1276 | EN1650 | EN14476

  • Manufactured in the UK to: ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

  • Wipes, Tubs, Lid and Label 100% Recyclable

  • Specially designed 100% recyclable slim dispenser tub with "pop-up" spout for easy dispensing.

  • Sheets Per Tub: 500

  • Sheet Size: 200x200mm

  • Wipe Colour: White

  • Tubs Per Pallet: 100

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Vinco-SanWipe Cleaning & Sanitising Wipes | For Facilities | 500 White Wipes | CP147

Code: CP147

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