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Vinco®-AutoWipe Glass Cleaning Wipes. 13 x 20cm sheet size. 50 Biodegradable Wipes

50 Biodegradable Wipes for cleaning windows, lights and mirrors, leaving them streak free.

Ideal for use in: Car dealers, car showrooms and cleaning at home or on the go.

Made for cleaning glass such as windows, lights and mirrors, leaving them clear and streak free. A thick biodegradable white wipe coupled with a pure flower scent great for cleaning off fingerprints and grime.

Great for interior and exterior glass, leaves glass shining and streak free.

Easy to use EQP Easy Quick Pouch:

✔ Open dispensing nozzle on front of pouch

✔ Peel off the seal at the top of the pouch

✔ Open the top zip seal

✔ Feed wipe through dispensing aperture

✔ Pull through desired number of wipes

✔ Reseal zip seal

✔ Rip wipes on perforations using side of dispensing nozzle

✔ Reseal dispensing nozzle once wipes are dispensed

For best results use 2 wipes:

✔ Pull 2 wipes through nozzle

✔ Lay the wipes out flat

✔ Fold the wipes along perforation so the wipes lay on top of each other

✔ Now start off in one corner of the surface and work in circular movements across the surface to remove the dirt

✔ Repeat process if necessary

✔ A micro fibre cloth can also be used to leave the perfect finish

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Vinco-AutoWipe Glass Wipes | 50 Biodegradable Wipes | CP212

Glass Cleaning Wipes That Dry Streak Free. 50 Pouch Wipes.

Great for use on:

✔ Windows
✔ Mirrors
✔ Touch Screens
✔ Lights
✔ Dials
✔ Gloss Finished Plastic

Code: CP212

Great for use in:

• Car Garages

• Car Showrooms

• Transport Establishments

• At Home


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• Wipes: 100% Biodegradable Plastic Free

• Each pouch contains 50 wipes

• Wipe Size: 130x200mm

• PHMB Free

• Wipes are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards

• Wipe Colour: White

• Available in singles or a case of 6

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