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Vinco-SanWipe Universal Hands & Surfaces Pouch 100wipes CP191

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Vinco®-SanWipe Hands & Surfaces Cleaning and Sanitising 100 POUCH Wet Wipes

Keeping bacteria and viruses at bay has never been more of a challenging task than it is today… lets face it you want to kill bacteria and viruses fast and in the easiest and most efficient way.

So we bring to you this Large QAC Based Anti-Bac and Anti-Viral Cleaning & Sanitising Wet Wipe in a Pouch

This Vinco-SanWipe comes in a 100% sealed stand up pouch that remains sealed until you need to use it for the first time. When you come to use it for the first time all you need to do is tear the top seal off and open the grip seal. Once you have pulled out the wipes you need simply close the grip seal to keep your wipes dry for the next time! Its that easy…

Code: CP191

Passes British Standards:

  • EN14476

  • EN1276

  • EN1650

  • EN16615

Formulated for use in:

  • Gyms

  • Airpo​rts

  • Workplaces

  • Facilities Management

  • Industrial

  • Car Showrooms

  • Cars, Trucks & Vans

  • Offices

For use on:

  • Office Desks

  • Hands

  • Equipment

  • Door Handles

  • Machinery



  • Passes: EN16615 | EN1276 | EN1650 | EN14476

  • Manufactured in the UK to: ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

  • Wipes, Pouch, Lid and Label 100% Recyclable

  • Sheets Per Tub: 100

  • Sheet Size: 200x133mm

  • Wipe Colour: White

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