Know-how: over 30 years driving innovation in the hygiene market

Know-how: over 30 years driving innovation in the hygiene market

With 30 years of cleaning and hygiene know-how behind us, we design, test and manufacture a range of hygiene and wiping products for use across all industry sectors. Having worked with end users of cleaning products from day 1 you can be rest assured that our products will work for you every time. When it comes to developing and testing new products or systems, we don’t cut any corners. Providing industries such as facilities, education, food processing, food service and healthcare through resellers has enabled us to speak directly with end-users to collect inside knowledge of improvements required to make the ultimate hygiene and wiping products.

Our in-house research & development team's integrated development capabilities accelerate product and service enhancement, assure quality and establish accountability for optimum results. All operations at HC Innovations are backed by decades of experience and firmly established intimate knowledge. In addition, our design personnel and engineers have experience in a broad range of industries, assuring that new ideas and approaches are always on the drawing board.

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