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As the name suggests, HC Innovations Ltd are never content to stand still when it comes to product and service development. HC Innovations prides itself on its nimble responsiveness and in-depth market research to customer, distributor and end-user feedback enabling us to refine meaningful innovation. We always want to help our customers. What is the biggest challenge you are currently facing at your company? You never know, we may be able to help…



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Our in-house Research & Development team’s integrated development capabilities accelerate product and service development and assure quality and establish accountability for optimum results. Backed by decades of experience and firmly established, intimate knowledge, our designers and engineers have experience in a broad range of industries, assuring that new ideas and approaches are always on the drawing board.

If you have a new idea we could design and manufacture for you we would love to hear from you!



Product superiority…


Incorporated in to our Head Quarters is a state-of-the-art laboratory which has become the flagship of our R&D complex at HC Innovations. Here is where our chemists spend hours researching, developing and testing specimens from raw materials through to finished product to ensure only the best finds its way to you.

This is where product testing is undergone to ensure standards such as BSEN standards are met before independent third party testing is carried out. Likewise quality checks on products being manufactured are put through our Manufacturing Quality Program (MQP) daily to ensure consistency of finished product to our customers.

If a client requires their own formula developed or whether its an adjustment to an existing solution, this is where it can become a reality and innovation really comes alive.

Perhaps you require a product for a particular purpose or a formula to accomplish a particular task?

Perhaps it’s a certain texture of substrate fabric or a scent in a wiping product? Our R&D personnel and chemists can work with you to create the product you require.



British manufacturing at its best…


Over 30 years being at the forefront of the cleaning and hygiene industry has made us a market leader in the manufacture of wet wipes. Providing many industries including Facilities, Education, Food Processing, Food Service and Healthcare, to name a few, through resellers has meant that we have been able to speak directly with end users to give us inside knowledge of improvements required to make the ultimate wipe.

Each product featured in our range represents our core range and each have been through the rigorous manufacturing steps of design, specification, testing and packaging to ensure a product is made which is suited to the job it is intended for.

With our Head Office based in Perth, Central Scotland, our purpose built and cleanroom standard production facilities contain modern winding, slitting and perforating equipment coupled with multiple filling and packaging lines to ensure your orders are despatched fast and to the highest quality.

If you are looking for a manufacturer who will give you peace of mind through quality product, rapid turnaround and excellent communication then please get in touch. We look forward to working with you further whether it be directly as a distributor or as an end user indirectly through one of our approved distributors in the Vinco network.

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