The Guard®-Hand Heat Resistant Glove is one of the best breathable heat resistant glove on the market. Suitable for the industrial, catering, bakery and hot food professional sectors, we have manufactured this heavy duty oven glove from Para-Aramid and Meta-Aramid fibres to provide a light-weight, comfy hot glove whilst still maintaining incredible heat resistant properties. Incorporating silicone overlay enhances the heat resistant glove to over 500°C tolerance.

• Heat Resistant: Tested to Level 4 (up to 500°C) for contact heat according to EN407 & EN420

• CE accredited

• Heat and Flame Resistant

• Made from Meta & Para-aramid

• Grip: Non-slip Silicone Grip pattern offers good grip for safer handling

• 5 Finger Flexibility. Ambidextrous: Can be worn on either hand, extending the life of the glove

• Extra Long Cuff Arm Protection - 430mm Overall Length

• Elasticated top arm with loose fit sleeve to aid quicker cooling of arm

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