'Leading UK Manufacturer of Roll Wet Wipes for Industry' - it says it all - We want your customers to be 100% satisfied with the cleaning, sanitising and hygiene products they use to get the task done quickly and efficiently.

Our Vinco® Tub Wet Wipe Range and Goldfinch® Hand & Surface Cleaning and Sanitising Range are both manufactured by us here in the UK. We design the specification including the material, solutions and packaging systems for every tub, container and package we produce. Working with the lab team we then pull the best formulations together for the current needs of the market to provide broad spectrum activity against enveloped viruses, gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.

As we’re ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, you can rest assured our solutions are tried, tested and of the highest standards. Every new product our Design Team create is rigorously tested through our ‘Manufacturing Sampling Process’ involving several stages of customer feedback before the market launch.

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