Pulahold® Sack Dispensing Like No Other | Industry 1st Product

Pulahold® Sack Dispensing Like No Other | Industry 1st Product

With over 3 decades in the industry, we have seen it time and time again the wastage and contamination caused by poorly dispensed sacks and bin liners. When you pull one sack from ‘the old style’ flat pack box you always get 6, 10 or even more sacks at a time… The excess bags typically are ‘stuffed’ back into the box or more often than not, thrown onto the shelf in frustration! And next time a bag is required, yet another headache awaits the user not to mention the huge wastage as the excess bags are often thrown out. Perhaps you currently use sacks on a roll where surprisingly enough even these are prone to over use, small quantity per box and requirement of two hand dispensing where especially in food areas this can cause contamination issues.

So here we have Pulahold® that’s easier, smarter, tidier and quicker to use than any other sack system on the market. With this all new Pulahold® sack dispensing system you won’t look back… Two grades available - ‘medium duty’ meaning you can carry up to 10kg of waste or ‘heavy duty’ meaning you can carry up to 15kg of waste per sack. The Pulaholds® are dispensed from a 100% recyclable dispensing box. With Pulahold® you are guaranteed one at a time; all you have to do is pull the first Pulahold® out and the second will part dispense ready for next time.

Pulahold® can be used just as they are and are fully portable so can be carried around with ease or placed on a cleaning trolley or cart.

// Easier, Tidier, Smarter & Quicker than any other refuse sacks on the market

// Dispense one Pulahold® at a time every time

// 200 Pulaholds® Per Case

// Two Sizes and Gauges Available

// 100% recyclable Re-sealable Dispensing Box

// Portable easy carry Dispensing Box

// Registered Design

// Patent Pending

Pulahold® Bin Bag Dispenser

A robust stainless steel dispenser to make Pulahold® dispensing even easier. Made to take all Pulahold® sizes, this corrosion resistant dispenser is easy to clean, and features an open bottom design to prevent dirt build-up. Designed to be fixed to a wall or stand. Installation is quick and easy due to pre-drilled mounting holes.

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