Vinco®-VitalWipe Anti-Bac & Anti-Viral Cleaning & Sanitising Wet Wipe vs. a Flow Wrap Packet Wipe

Keeping bacteria and viruses at bay has never been more of a challenging task than it is today… lets face it you want to kill bacteria and viruses fast and in the easiest and most efficient way.

Do you use a lot of packet wipes? If you do, we guarantee you get some or all these issues below when you are using them…

  • Gravity causes the liquid to sit at the bottom of the pack so that the top wipes become dry and becomes more moist as you go down. The first few wipes are always dry meaning the wipe will be less effective and potentially will not kill bacterial or viruses.

  • The adhesive resealing flap on a flow wrap packet often doesn’t stick which leaves the packet open and subject to contamination and dry out.

  • Small wipe, difficult to pull out and often dispense in clumps causing wastage and frustration.

  • Brittle flow wrap packaging meaning the packet damages easily causing contamination and dry out.

  • Some flow wrap options have a non-recyclable plastic lid flap which is harmful to the environment.

We bring to you the Vinco®-VitalWipe made here in the UK in our manufacturing plant.

So, why would I use a Vinco®-VitalWipe?

Very easy to use stand up pouch wipe with a completely resealable snap top ensuring your wipes stay moist until the very last wipe.

Passes British Standards:

 EN14476 – Kills all enveloped viruses including Coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2.

 EN1246 – Kills a wide range of Bacteria.

 EN1650 – Kills Yeast and Fungus.

 EN16615 – Proves it works as a wet wipe.

Features and Benefits:

 Large 20x20cm VitalWipe ensuring you have sufficient material to complete the job.

 Continuous wet wipe on perforated roll so you can pull out just what you require.

 150 or 300 wipes per pouch – good number of wipes but not too large to store easily.

 Anti-Bac & Anti-Viral For Cleaning & Sanitising Surfaces. Ensures both bacteria and viruses are killed effectively.

 Recyclable pouch, wipe and label meaning you can do your bit for the environment.

 Takes up less space in bins and skips as pouch lays flat when empty.

 Flexible pouch can be squeezed allowing it to fit in door pockets or drink holders.

 Easy to reseal – no sticky flaps that don’t work when they get wet. Just a simple Grip Seal that can be used in the wet or dry!

 Never get a dry wipe – unique material makeup, perforated and on a roll that holds liquid making sure you always have a wet wipe.

 Wipe doesn’t dry out like the top layers of a flow pack wipe – consistent moisture throughout each wipe as they are dispensed from the bottom up.

 Signed and sealed pouch – keeping your wipes fresh and clean for longer. Ideal for storing and transporting your wipes.

 When you are ready – just tear off the seal, pop the top open and pull out your wipe. Seal ensures a long 2 year shelf life.

 Always use 2 – for best results always use 2 wipes, one for cleaning the surface and the other for sanitising the surface.

 Once you have finished wiping, just simply tuck the last wipe back in to the pouch and seal the top – easy and ready for next time.

So there you go, all in a nut shell… Why don’t you request your free sample now to try?

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