Vinco®-CLWipe Dry Cleansing Wipes for Hands, Face and Body

Vinco®-CLWipe Dry Cleansing Wipes for Hands, Face and Body

Vinco®-CLWipe dry wipes are made from soft materials and are great for personal cleansing and continence care. The wipes are also suitable for surface cleansing and are compatible with cleaning fluids, sprays and foams. Two of these wipes are made from biodegradable material but can't be macerated or flushed.

CP171 Pouch and CP172 Canister

// Wipes: 100% biodegradable 50gsm soft fabric

// Pouch and canister: 100% recyclable

CP176 Box & CP177 Canister

// Wipes: 100% recyclable polypropylene

// Box and canister: 100% recyclable

Vinco®-CLWipe Wet Cleansing Wipes for Hands, Face and Body

Vinco®-CLWipe Wet Cleansing Wipes for Hands, Face and Body

The Vinco®-CLWipe loosens, lifts and locks contamination into the wipe's 25gsm polypropylene material. With a formula that's free from alcohol and lanolin, these wipes are kind to the skin and can be used on all areas of the body. The wipe formula is also rinse-free and non-greasy, making them great for quick and effective bed bath applications.

// Wipes: 100% recyclable polypropylene

// Solution: Rinse-free, non-greasy and safe on skin

// Canister, tub and pouch: 100% recyclable

// Dermatologically tested

Vinco®-CLWipe Baby & Toddler Cleansing Plastic Free Wipes Bucket

Vinco®-CLWipe Baby & Toddler Cleansing Plastic Free Wipes Bucket

Plastic Free, Child Safe Cleansing Wipes to brighten nursery schools.

Not only do the coloured buckets help to inject colour in to nurseries, the high capacity means you’ll rarely run out of wipes. The colourful buckets feature an easy to use pop-up spout and provide 500 plastic free wipes to reduce downtime and waste.

// High Capacity - means less downtime with opening new packets all the time

// On a roll - less wastage than a flow pack, dispenses one wipe at a time

// Always sealed lid, always wet wipes - no sticky flow wrap seals that dry out and then the wipe dries out

// Secure lid closure to prevent misuse of wipes by children.

// Eliminates choking/suffocation risk that's present when using a packet of wipes.

// Secure, wipe clean tub which prevents contaminate of wipes from any unwanted substance!

// Colour coding can be introduced in your nursery to define zones.

// Very Robust Colour Coded Bucket - Available in 4 bright colours which are easy to locate/find when you need it quickly.

// Wipes: Plastic Free Soft biodegradable viscose fabric (20x20cm)

// Formula: Child-safe, alcohol-free and kind on skin.

// Wipe Free from: Plastic, Paraben, lanolin and alcohol free

// Non-sting, hypoallergenic and dermatogically tested

// Bucket and Lid: Refillable 100% Recyclable

// Use on: Hands, face and body

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