Goldfinch® Paper Disposables

Goldfinch® Paper Disposables

The Goldfinch® Paper Disposable range is made from sustainable sourced pulp and manufactured by our UK and International manufacturing plants. All our partners have CHSA and ISO accreditations so the products that are produced are to the highest quality to meet the high demands of the Industry. Every product featured in this range has been through the rigorous manufacturing steps of design, specification, testing and packaging to ensure all products are fit for purpose.

In this range:

// Hand Towels

// Toilet Rolls

// Centrepull Rolls

// Wiper Rolls

// Hygiene Rolls

Goldfinch® Chemicals

Goldfinch® Chemicals

The Goldfinch® Chemicals are manufactured in the UK by our cleaning and sanitising chemical plant. Each product is carefully selected and tested to ensure that it is fit for purpose. Whether it is floor cleaning, surface cleaning or hand cleaning we have a cleaning and sanitising solution to meet your needs.

In this range:

// Hand and Surface Sanitisers

// Hand Soaps

// Bleach and Disinfectant

// Floor Cleaners and Polish

// Glass Cleaners Polishes

// Degreasers and Detergents

// Oven and Drain Cleaners

// Machine Dishwashing

// Carpet and Specialist Cleaners

// Surface and Laundry Cleaners

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