The best biodegradable wipes for your industry

What are the best biodegradable wipes?

The best biodegradable wipes for your industry

From supermarket food containers to PPE, plastic goods feature heavily in our day to day lives, and the consequence of their high usage is seen in landfills and natural environments all over the world. Plastic materials generally take centuries to break down naturally, and single-use consumables such as wipes are disposed of in their billions. This number has been magnified since the COVID-19 pandemic began. More than ever, this calls for solutions that don’t harm the environment while offering the same high standards of hygiene and cleanliness essential.

The question often arises, what wipe are best for the environment and although it’s not easy to arrive at a definitive answer there are some great options available that will not harm the environment. A biodegradable wipe product does not mean that it is necessarily flushable but rather that is compostable and in the right conditions will break down - decompose - in soil or water.

What are biodegradable wet wipes made from?

Most commonly biodegradable wipes are manufactured from 100% viscose or cellulous materials. Viscose materials are derived from plant fibres that are fully compostable, and consumers should ensure that raw material in the wipes has only been sourced from certified and controlled sources such as sustainably managed plantations.

The best biodegradable wipes for your industry

What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable?

Biodegradable refers to just any material that breaks down and decomposes in the environment thereby avoiding pollution. Compostable goods are specifically organic matter that breaks down. Most significantly, the end benefit of consumables being compostable is the ability to fertilise and improve soil health whilst minimising unsightly litter and pollution of our planet and seas.

How long do wipes take to biodegrade and in what conditions?

If the wipes are classed as biodegradable, then the materials they are made from should be completely biodegradable and 100% plastic-free. If this is the case, then the wipes will biodegrade in a matter of months. In soil, the fibres will disintegrate completely in compost at an ambient temperature within four months. However, wet wipes aren’t just causing problems on land. Plastic wipes break down into microplastics, and the tiny fragments of plastic wash into our rivers and seas. As a result, millions of marine animals die each year due to plastic contamination, and wet-wipe islands and deposits overtake many beaches and natural waterways. However, the fibres in some brands of biodegradable wipes are fully biodegradable in seawater with a biodegradation pass of greater than 90% in six months which helps to protect the marine animals and aquatic ecosystem.

The best biodegradable wipes for your industry

Why is a biodegradable wipe in the market important?

When choosing an antibacterial and anti-viral cleaning and sanitising wet wipe solution for your industry, you need a product that’s good for your users and the world we inhabit. As a responsible organisation owner, eco-responsibility and high-quality care can easily go hand in hand with the right product. A biodegradable wipe helps management teams and site owners stay at the forefront of their industry while inspiring confidence in staff, occupants, users, and patients — whether you’re in hospitality, healthcare, leisure or any other sector.

Features and Benefits of a truly biodegradable wipe product.

• Very absorbent for higher liquid retention

• High sanitising efficacy

• Soft material (great for sensitive skin and surfaces)

• Material picks up and holds in dirt

• Strong material that can withstand snagging on uneven surfaces

• 100% recyclable tub and label

• Material sourced from FSC-certified forests

• Fibres manufactured using a closed-loop production process which aids sustainability and prevents pollution of waterways

• No harmful chemicals

Choose a sustainable wipe option to support your industry and the environment.

Many sustainable wipe products are formulated for use in gyms, airports, workplaces, offices and more to keep businesses on track safely, smartly, and responsibly. Do your bit and use a plastic free wipe alternative to help your organisation achieve its sustainable status.

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